12 February 2013

Pumpkin Love

I love pumpkins. Growing, cooking and eating them. And just looking at them. If it was up to me, our whole plot would be used to grow pumpkins. Luckily Mr V is sensible enough not to agree to this. And I do realize it would be wrong against all the lovely parsnips, beetroots, leeks, beans and sweet corns. However, I did manage to negotiate a relatively big patch of our plot for the pumpkins this season.  Hopefully we will manage to grow a truck load of pumpkins to compensate for the fact that as a youngster Mr V only had a carved swede for Halloween.  And with all that space to grow pumpkins, I'm very excited to expand our horizons from the bright orange Charmant to three different edible varieties.
With the success of growing them last season, Charmant will naturally be one of the varieties.  They are perfect for some extreme pumpkin carving at Halloween. We also hope to make it a tradition to give one of our own pumpkins for all the nieces, nephews and other cute little people in our lives for Halloween.  The Charmant seemed to enjoy growing at our plot. Charmant PMR F1 shows resistance to powdery mildew, but somewhat unsurprisingly, they did suffer from it -my money is on the dreadful weather. Despite this, they managed to produce many round and tasty pumpkins  that were mainly roasted, but also turned to soups, casseroles, stews and even jam in our kitchen.
The second one is the gorgeous icy blue- greyish Crown Prince. My research tells me the skill level needed to grow these is that of a beginner, so suits us well. The rumour also has it, that it is one of the best tasting winter squashes, so can't wait to sample those fine flavours when we eventually get there.  
The third one will be a cute little mini pumpkin, the Hooligan. I must admit, I just had to order the seeds based on the name alone!  I can just imagine walking home after a hard day's work at the allotment with a hooligan in my pocket, popping it to the microwave for couple of minutes and there- dinner sorted! These would also make brilliant individual soup serving bowls for a dinner party. Now, if anyone wondered about the name of the blog... makes sense now!
And of course we also have to try to grow some so-ugly-they-are-gorgeous gourds for autumn decorations. Now some may deem these as waste of space, energy and time as they are not edible, but when you have an attractive table display built of nature's own goods bringing you beauty, you just have to love them.

Mrs V x


  1. I love your pumpkin pictures! Looking forward to seeing the hooligans grow this year :)

    1. My hooligan pumpkins looklovely, but roasted one, and it tastes mealy and horrid, am I doing something wrong?

    2. Sorry to hear that Anon. Although we've picked ours now, we haven't cooked one yet, but I shall let you know how I get on. Maybe you could try another recipe in the meanwhile?


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