21 April 2013

Sunday Delights

When you wake up to a stack of pancakes like this you know it's going to be a good day! It was going to be a busy day at the allotment, so a good breakfast was needed to keep us going.

Between the light showers we managed to finally sow the parsnip seeds. We now have 5 long rows of 16 parsnips each, which means if we're lucky we'll have 80 parsnips in the autumn! Last year our parsnip bed got a bit messy; after some warmth and rain the bed was covered with weeds that looked very similar to the seedlings and it became quite a challenge for first- timers like us to tell them apart from each other. We also learnt that transplanting parsnips does not work. As a result, we are not taking any chances this year and have taken some extreme measures. We added some seedling compost to the bottom of the drills to help the seeds to germinate and we put little lollipop sticks to the soil to clearly mark were the clusters of seeds are and there are also strings to mark the rows. I would say this makes the current situation  weeds 0- Mr & Mrs V 1. Also, we won't bother with any of that transplanting business this year.

Other activities of the weekend included a row of snap peas (Jessy) being sown next to the parsnips and Haakon & Frederik moved to the greenhouse with beans and sunflowers. Mr V's mother donated 10 strawberry plants which were planted straight into our new strawberry bed and 6 spinach seedlings got a new home in a spare tyre. We also met our new allotment neighbour when she came over to give us some spare mangetout seedlings- now that's a way to introduce yourself.

A Sunday full of delights- pancakes, strawberries, spinach and mangetout and all the rest of it. 
Hope you all have had a lovely weekend.

Mr and Mrs V x

20 April 2013

One of the Wonders of Life

Seeds of Dark Purple French Bean Blauhilde

Seeds of Green French Bean Fasold

 (No, I didn't get the photos mixed up.)

I was also admiring these seeds today:

Seeds of Runner Bean Enorma
Aren't they bit funky looking?

Seeds of Borlotti Bean Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco
What a name- Firetongue!
Despite such a fiery name, I think they are pretty, pretty, pretty.

They were all sown into little peat pots and now live happily in a greenhouse.

Let's see what tomorrow brings- hopefully sunshine at least!

Mrs V x

18 April 2013

What a difference

a day (or two in this case) makes...

Let's see if the Cinderella will go to the ball.. First Charmant seedling!

Mr and Mrs V x

16 April 2013

Allotment Update

It's been too long, dear friend. I'm sorry. But we're back now, so why not have a cup of tea, maybe a biscuit or two, put your feet up for five minutes and I'll tell you what has been happening on the allotment recently. Let's start. 

Herbaceous Border

Oh yes. We have one now. Exciting. Currently ours consists of two artichokes and peonies. It's a start, right? We will also be planting lots of sunflowers to the border once the time is right- they still have to make a long journey from the propagator to the greenhouse before even dreaming of  planting them. Also, our herbaceous border was supplemented by this interesting peony tree which should flower in gorgeous light pink.

Second Earlies

Mr V continued with the risky business on Sunday and planted out second earliers, Charlottes, my favourite potato variety ever. Give me a bowl of these any day and I'll be happy. Fingers crossed, the skies have been dry and temperature has gone up since they went in, so we may get lucky with these.


We picked our first rhubarb at Easter, and oh boy, was it good. Two rhubarb cakes have been made and who knows, there may be my first ever recipe posting on its way. There are some rhubarb stalks waiting in the kitchen, ready to be turned into compote. Last year when visiting another allotment site we saw an interesting instruction on how to make organic pesticide against black fly from rhubarb and we definitely will be trying that later this year.

Berry Border

All of our berry plants have started to show some sign of life and it's like their tiny little shoots want to reassure you that spring is on its way.

Even the apple tree has started its journey into spring!

And I saved the best till last... Look at these little bad boys in the propagator! Our first ever Crown Princes. To mark this occasion, I have named them after.. Crown Princes. Bet that was a surprise. As the pumpkins will be gorgeous icy blue- greyish, I've started from Scandinavian Royal Families: the first seedling is called Frederik after the Crown Prince of Denmark and the second carries the name of Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway.

Mr & Mrs V x

P.S. No sign of our first earlies yet. Still hopeful but not expectant.
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