18 February 2014

Checking up on the allotment

After the terrible flooding and horrendous winter storms in UK made the international news, many of our friends in Europe have expressed concern over how our allotment is doing in the horrific weather. I’ve found this very sweet. The allotment has been very little on our mind, certainly not a worry while considering the bigger picture. However, when the sun (!)  came out on Saturday, we thought we would pop over there to inspect the damage. And all was pretty good over there.
Surprisingly, the shed was still there. (Unfortunately as I was sort of hoping to get a new shed hehe).
We must have done quite a good job with attaching the ground cover fabrics on the (what was) courgette and butternut squash bed last spring as the high winds had not made any difference to it.

The ground cover fabrics had flown here and there on the other beds though, although the pools of water had assisted in them not flying away.
I'm planning on using these branches pruned from the apple tree as growing support for peas this year- could it work?
Seeing something growing in an otherwise very bare allotment always makes me happy; the warm weather has fooled  the artichoke into growing early.  

And it wasn't the only thing showing signs of life; check out the rhubarb!
Mrs V x
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