26 May 2014

Instagram snapshots

Here are some snapshots which we have recently posted to our Intagram profile.
You may spot Sherlock Gnome in the middle of the collage. He has been busy working on the allotment and I have a feeling he may be sharing few stories of his adventures on the blog soon. Rhubarb features on more than one photo and I've recently come to the conclusion that it really is one of my favourites from the allotment. Rhubarb is, of course, brilliant  to grow as it is ready to be picked during a time when there is a lack of harvestable produce, but I absolutely love it's taste too. I have not been brave enough to have rhubarb as a savoury accompaniment on a dinner plate, but instead have turned it in to many gorgeous sweet treats: syrup, jam, yoghurt ice cream and a new experiment this year, rhubarb curd.
Everything is coming along quite nicely, even though I was quite worried the heavy rain at the weekend would destroy some of our little seedlings. They seem to be fine, but in need of some weeding. And that's what I'll be doing next.
If you have an Instagram profile, but we don't follow you yet, we'd love to hear from you, you can find us @allotmenteersmrandmrsv.
Hope you are enjoying your Monday!
Mrs V x


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2014

    Kiva postaus, kyll tonttu tietää.....

    1. Kiitos anonyymi! Näinhän se on!


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