1 June 2014

1st of June

It's 1st of June and officially summer!
Things are getting into full swing at the alloment and there have been, in particular, a couple of developments which have made all the (hard) work worthwile.

The peat pot parsnips seem to be growing.

There are no pods on the broad beans yet, but they are flowering. The plants did go in very late as they were a 'spur of the moment' purchase from a garden centre.
There are some flowers forming on the second early potatoes.
The corn is gaining height.
It looks like the apple tree may not face the chop after all, but of course, it's not certain these apples will grow to full size.  
Then there's the flowerhead on the artichoke!

Spinach is growing under the cloche.


Strawberries turning red must be the official sign of summer.

Finally, there was this. A tiny little yellow courgette.
How is the start of the summer been for you (at your allotment, in your garden or just in general)?
Mrs V x
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