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Welcome to Where the Hooligans Grow!

This blog concentrates on all the beautiful things allotment gardening provides, but you may see festivities and life outside the allotment pop up once in a while.

The blog is written by the Allotmenteers Mr and Mrs V.

Mr V lives with a camera in his hand, prefers home grown carrots and parsnips over other veg, is particular about the way his tea is prepared and does most of the hard physical work at the allotment.

Mrs V (also known as Pumpkin Lady) gets very excited every time something grows at the allotment, feels especially fond of her pumpkins, places great importance on beautiful china and dreams and plans a lot.

Together we appreciate good quality ingredients in cooking, have discovered a passion for gardening, are on a continuous learning curve and hope to run a smallholding one day.  

Comments are very welcome or if you'd like to email us instead, please email us at allotmenteersmrandmrsv@gmail.com.

We hope you enjoy our blog!

Thanks for dropping in!

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